Coolers & Refrigerators

Servicing Coolers & Refrigerators

Coolers and refrigeration units are vital to many businesses, not only restaurants, but grocery stores and convenience stores alike. The products, food, and drinks inside of coolers and refrigerators need to be kept at or below 41°F to achieve maximum shelf live and safe consumption for consumers. The optimal temperature should be set much lower due to constant opening and closing of cooler doors. The fluctuation in temperature can be challenging, but a well functioning cooling system and new gaskets around the door will keep your products cool.

The retail grocery industry relies on top-tier commercial refrigeration repair to keep inventory fresh when crisis occur. Commercial refrigeration services from Central Georgia Refrigeration saves grocery store and convenience store owners from the stress of being blindsided by emergencies. In turn, our solutions can protect inventory, hours of operation and revenue.


Many pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs require that they be stored in a cool temperature at all times. Like the industries listed above, pharmacies need to be prepared for commercial refrigeration repairs during any and all emergencies.

If your pharmacy is in need of refrigeration repair, please call Central Georgia Refrigeration. We are on call 24/7.